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Mozart Mass in C Minor: The New Novello Choral Edition

Mozart wrote the C Minor Mass at the end of 1782, and although the scale of it was much larger than any previous church music, it was actually a ‘half-Mass’, that is settings of only the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Benedictus. The liturgical practice of the time was that the Credo and Agnus Dei were not sung at choral Masses with orchestra, which explains their absence in the original score. However, Mozart did make some brief sketches for these missing movements, but there was no incentive for him to work further on them. Philip Wilby has taken these foundations as the basis for reconstructing the missing movements, which constitute the New Novello edition. This is the edition which will be performed in the concert on November 25th, so there will be much to discover even for those familiar with this great Mass.

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